Application open:

22 March 2018

Application Close:

22 April 2018

International Application Open:

22 March 2018

International Application Close:

06 May 2018

Entrance Exam For Indian Students:

06 May 2018

Admission Open 2018-19

Localted in Rajgir near the site of its ancient predecssor, Nalanda University is an avant-grade international University supported by 17 partner countries of East Asia Summit. It is designated by the Government of India as an 'Institution of National Importance' Under the Ministry of External Affairs.

Programs offered

School of Ecology and Environment Studies

M.Sc / M.A (Focous Area)

  • Human Ecology
  • Hydrology
  • Disaster Management
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Studies
  • Coastal & Marine Studies
School of Buddhist studies, Philosophy and Comparative religion

M.A (Focous Area)

  • Asian Connections
  • Buddhist Studies
  • Buddhist Archeology and Art
  • Interaction of Religious Traditions
  • Asian/Indian Philosophy
  • Vedic Studies
  • Theory And Methods of Religious Studies

School of Historical Studies

M.A (Focous Area)

  • History of Science
  • History and Civilizations of the East
  • Cultural History of India
  • Oral Histories of India
  • Asian Interconnections
  • Economic History
  • Art History
School of Language & Literature / Humanities

PG Diploma(Korean/Sanskrit/Japanese)

  • Advanced Language Proficiency
  • Language and Culture
  • Translation from Source
  • Language to English/Hindi
  • Languages taught Pali/Tibetian/English/Hindi

“From time immemorial India opened up novel paths of learning. Wherever Buddha traversed, seeds of knowledge sprouted and flourished. For centuries Nalanda was a beacon of learning which attracted scholars from all over Asia and became a symbol of intra-Asia wisdom and interaction. It is now poised to embark on a similar journey on an expanded scale with Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean countries joining in. If the world's future lies in achieving a multi-polar system, it is necessary that an institution such as Nalanda charts the course of new knowledge system for the 21st century”

Vice Chancellor

Prof Sunaina Singh -